Moringa Leaves – Nature's Loving Touch In One Small Leaf

The moringa tree is one of nature’s best gifts to mankind because of its wide variety of uses, especially as a source of food and medicine. Virtually every part of this tree has its use; its leaves can be used for soups, the pods and flowers can be used as an ingredient in many dishes, the bark can be used to make blue dye, and many more. But no other part of the tree is more widely used and more nutritious than the moringa leaves. The leaves are known to be a significant source of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, potassium, iron and protein. In fact, its nutritional content is incredibly better than most other food sources!

The Vitamin C content of moringa leaves is seven times better than that of oranges; its calcium is four times more potent than that of milk, four times the Vitamin A found in carrots, triple the potassium of bananas, and has double the amount of protein found in yogurt. It is also said to contain powerful antioxidants, chlorophyll, omega-3 oils and amino acids. With over 90 essential nutrients in it, moringa is safe for consumption by anyone, whether children or adults, and is proven to be safe, non-toxic, and has no reported side-effects whatsoever.

Research has shown that moringa leaves are capable of treating around 300 health problems. It provides a natural way of boosting one’s energy levels unlike other sugar-based energy or stimulants such as caffeine. It may also help to manage cholesterol and sugar levels in the blood, improve blood circulation, normalize blood pressure, and even detoxify the body of many harmful toxins. With its potent content of antioxidants, moringa leaves can also bring back the natural glow of your skin, slow the down ageing, and fight cancer-causing free radicals.

Moringa leaves can be consumed fresh or cooked, and is used as an ingredient in many dishes and delicacies. It is also possible to have the leaves dried and made into powder form while still retaining a significant amount of its nutritional value. Moringa leaves can provide pregnant women with important nutrients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin D, folic acid, calcium and iron, which are all important in improving the chances of conceiving a healthy baby. For nursing mothers, moringa leaves will not only improve the volume of breast milk they can provide, but also infuse the milk with better nutritional value.

Indeed, science has amazingly unlocked the nutritional secrets that these seemingly simple moringa leaves hold which can help strengthen our bodies, boost our energy naturally, improve our immune system, and heal or prevent many illnesses and diseases. Even to this day, the moringa tree is still undergoing continuous study to unveil more potential benefits that this miracle tree may provide us. It may be surprising to know that growing a moringa tree is very easy, as it requires very little care and grows in almost any kind of soil and climate. It’s like having your very own multi-vitamin and mineral factory in your own backyard!

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